Armed robbery


There has been growing public appreciation that a robbery, especially an armed robbery, can be damaging to the victim, and increasing appreciation by big business that vulnerable premises and staff need more secure protection. The papers within this seminar discuss gun control, media's involvement, justice system, physical aspects of robbery, and victim services.

Proceedings of a seminar held 22-24 March 1988


  • Overview
    Dennis Challinger
  • Opening address
    Duncan Chappell
  • Armed robbery overseas: highlights of a Canadian study
    Thomas Gabor
  • Bank robbery in Australia
    John Marsden
  • 100 convicted armed robbers in Melbourne: myths and reality
    Andros Kapardis
  • Armed robbers - a detective's view
    Brendon Cole
  • Keeping one step ahead
    Barry Weston
  • Preventing robbery
    Thomas Gabor
  • Did you read about...? The public and robbery
    Geoff Griffiths
  • Fewer guns, fewer robberies?
    Len Hingley
  • Robbers at court
    Ivan Potas
  • The sentencing process - some notes on victim involvement
    Ray Whitrod
  • Providing assistance to victims of bank hold-ups
    Marsha Leeman-Conley and Julie Crabtree
  • Robbery, responses and the future
    Bill MacRae
  • List of participants