Alcohol-related assault: time and place


Alcohol-related violence occurs throughout Australia. It happens between strangers, between friends and acquaintances, between relatives, and between sexual intimates. It happens in the home, in pubs and clubs, and on the street. It happens in the morning and at night. However, the incidence of alcohol-related assault is concentrated at certain times and places, predominantly where alcohol is consumed or is available nearby, more often on weekends and most often late at night or early in the morning, and more frequently from Friday to Sunday. One-third of males and over one-quarter of females were victims of alcohol-related violence in 1998. Most victims (and perpetrators) were young males.

When we control for a range of factors including how often people are away from home, what times they are away, with whom and where they consume alcohol, being young and being male still remain important risk factors for alcohol-related victimisation. In many respects, the problem is one which the young will “grow out of”. A challenge remains for the alcohol industry, the community, and individual drinkers to promote and employ measures which support a safe passage for all, and more particularly young males, through the high-risk years.