Firearm-related morbidity in Australia, 1994-95 to 1998-99


In recent years there has been a significant drop in firearm-related deaths, and this paper now demonstrates a decline in hospital separations as a result of firearm-related injuries. Using hospital separation data in the five years to 1999, firearm-related injuries in Australia fell from 616 to 473—a reduction of 30 per cent. The rate of firearm-related hospital separations per 100,000 population fell from 3.44 to 2.51.

There is limited published information available on the number and types of firearms injuries recorded in Australia. The need for such information has become increasingly important, especially since the introduction of firearms regulations limiting access to firearms.

This report provides a statistical overview of trends and patterns in firearm-related hospital separations in Australia and each of its eight States and Territories for the period 1994–95 to 1998–99.