Policing licensed premises in the Australian Capital Territory


This report presents the findings from research conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology undertaken in partnership with ACT Policing to evaluate the operation and effectiveness of policing strategies directed at reducing and preventing alcohol-related violence in licensed premises and entertainment precincts in the Australian Capital Territory. It recommends a clear, long-term strategy for policing alcohol-related crime and antisocial behaviour in the Australian Capital Territory, enforcement of liquor licensing legislation, intelligence-led policing of licensed premises, monitoring alcohol-related problems and the response and impact of policing, workforce and organisational development, working with licensees, managers and security, alcohol counselling and treatment, and developing strategies to reduce the consumption of alcohol.


This Australian Institute of Criminology would like to acknowledge ACT Policing and their partnership in undertaking this project. Without the assistance of ACT Policing, this project would not have been possible.

The Australian Institute of Criminology would also like to acknowledge those licensees who participated throughout various stages of the project. Their participation demonstrates that the industry is also committed to addressing alcohol-related problems in the Australian Capital Territory.