Aborigines and the law


This seminar discusses problems encountered by Aboriginals when they come into contact with the largely British-based Australian legal system. Participants examine the relationship of Aboriginals to the criminal justice system, including legal services, law enforcement, court procedures, corrective institutions, community welfare, probation and parole.

Canberra, 7-11 June 1976


  • Introduction

Papers of the seminar

  • Aborigines and the law
    William Clifford
  • Aborigines and the law
    D.T. Gunter
  • Some comments on the needs of Aboriginal legal representation and its future development
    H. Wallwork
  • South Australian Police/Aboriginal liaison
    A.R. Calvesbert

Workshop reports

Summary of seminar resolutions

Appendix 1

  • List of participants

Appendix 2

  • Bibliography