Aborigines & criminal justice


The seminar identified areas of less than optimal fit between Aborigines generally and the various criminal justice systems, with a view to producing a list of resolutions aimed at ameliorating problem areas.

Also titled: Aborigines and the criminal justice system


12-16 September 1983


  • Preface

Seminar resolutions

  • Preamble
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Dangerous substance abuse
  • Aboriginal-police relations
  • Aboriginal employment in corrections
  • Justices of the peace
  • Sentencing data
  • Aborigines under sentence


Alcohol & crime
  • Aboriginal alcohol abuse & crime in Queensland
    Cliff Fua & Laurie Lumsden
  • Alcohol & anomie: the nature of Aboriginal crime
    John McCorquodale
Juvenile care & treatment
  • A comparison of appearances by Aboriginal & non-Aboriginal children before the Children's Court & Children's Aid Panels in South Australia
    Rebecca Bailey
  • Aboriginal children & youth in care
    Stewart Murray
Aborigines, police & policing
  • Policing in some Aboriginal communities - a commentary on experiences in Central Australia & in the Kimberleys in 1978 with particular reference to juveniles
    Daryl Gunter
  • Aborigines & police - hostility, harmony or hopelessness?
    Owen Bevan
  • Police/Aboriginal relations: a Tasmanian perspective
    Mike Mansell
Aborigines & courts
  • The struggle for law: Aboriginal-police relations & the role of the Magistrate's Court - North West New South Wales
    Christine McIlvanie
  • Aborigines & the courts I
    Terence Syddall
  • Aborigines & the courts II
    Terence Syddall
  • 'The voice of the people': Aborigines, judicial determinism & the criminal justice system in Australia
    John McCorquodale
  • Aborigines in summary courts in Western Australia, a regional study: preliminary report on selected findings
    Margaret Martin & Liza Newby
Aborigines, corrections, probations & parole
  • Aboriginals & the supervision process
    Correctional Services Division, Darwin
  • Proposal to establish an Aboriginal Resource Unit
    Margot Mellick
  • Misfits: Aboriginal culture & prison
    Patricia Lowe
Aboriginal traditional attitudes & western justice
  • Aboriginal customary law & the Australian criminal law: an unresolved conflict
    Peter Hennessy
  • Contemporary issues in the management of law & order in South Australia Pitjantjatjara community
    David Hope
Aborigines & crime statistics
  • Crime statistics relating to Aboriginal people in South Australia
    Adam Sutton
  • List of participants