Planning and policy for crime control personnel


The course investigate the forms of training presently conducted for crime control personnel. It looks at the strengths, and weaknesses, of the present policies and programmes, as well as ways they can be improved. It looks at what crime control personnel can learn from other specialists and should different parts of the criminal justice system have their own training schemes. It explores common elements in various courses for police officers, prison officials and social workers. It looks at the roles of higher education institutions, institute of criminology and specialised training institutions.

29 April-10 May 1974


Papers of the seminar

  • Training for crime control personnel
    Harold G. Weir
  • Account of the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute involvement
    V.N. Pillai
  • Police training for tomorrow
    R.A. Wilson
  • The significance of diversion from the traditional criminal justice process
    Benedict S. Alper
  • Law training for correctional personnel?
    Mary W. Daunton-Fear
  • Some aspects of the effectiveness of training for correctional personnel
    V.N. Pillai
  • Treatment in the community - the effect on custodial personnel
    Benedict S. Alper
  • History of international concern and action in the field of crime
    Benedict S. Alper
  • Recruitment and training for probation and parole
    R.M. Durant
  • Human rights in the treatment of prisoners
    V.N. Pillai
  • Methods of training in the criminal justice system in Japan
    Tomiyoshi Kawahara
  • Prisoners' rights and prisoner unions
    Benedict S. Alper
  • Crime and the media - the role of the media in the operation of criminal justice systems
    David Biles
  • The media and education
    F.G. Morgan
  • Criminal justice in New Zealand
    John Robson
  • Managing a training programme - a systems approach
    P. Hickey
  • Human resource development in the criminal justice system
    Harold G. Weir
  • Are formal academic qualifications necessary for crime control personnel?
    F.D. Hayes
  • Police training: some considerations
    F.M.B. Cass

Appendix I

  • List of participants

Appendix II

  • Bibliography