Crime prevention and the community - whose responsibility?


This workshop considers the ways in which the Australian community can control and hopefully, reduce, the incidence of crime and delinquency.

Canberra, 10-14 June 1974


Papers of the seminar

  • Crime prevention and control -  the role of the Australian Institute of Criminology

    Harold G. Weir
  • Crime prevention and the community - whose responsibility?

    William Clifford
  • Public participation in the work of the professional services

    William Clifford
  • The community and its values

    William Clifford
  • Socialisation

    William Clifford
  • Community involvement in crime prevention

    A.W. Jamrozik
  • The security industry: problems of control and responsibility

    D.G.T. Williams
  • White collar crime: its impact on the community

    Detective Sergeant J.D. Allen
  • The role of the women police

    Sergeant Johanna Wendler

Appendix I

  • Report on the seminar

    William Clifford

Appendix II

List of participants

Appendix III