Legal and law related education in Australia


This national seminar discusses the subject of legal and law related education in Australia. Speakers present their views and descriptions of legal and law education in the states and territories. They also discuss projected developments and matters of policy, including the question of teacher training.

Canberra, 2-4 April 1979


  • Opening
    Senator John Knight

Papers of the seminar

  • Community legal education and law reform
    The Honourable Mr Justice M.D. Kirby
  • The role of the Australian Institute of Criminology
    Mr C.R. Bevan
  • The role of the Australian Legal Education Council
    Professor K.E. Lindgren
  • The education of teachers
    Mr J. Goldring
  • The legal perspective
    Mr T. Purcell
  • The High School Education Law Project
    Ms S. Churchman
  • The role of the National Curriculum Development Centre
    Mr John McArthur
  • Legal and law related education in Australian Capital Territory¬†schools
    Mr S. Kyburz
  • Legal and law-related education in Queensland: an overview
    Mr R. Herschell
  • Legal and law-related education in Western Australia
    Mr G. Power
  • Legal studies in secondary schools, technical schools and technical and further education in Victoria
    Mr J.A. Sonneman and Mr M. Sherry
  • Law related education in South Australia
    Miss H.A. Sanderson and Mr D. Murphy
  • The role of the Legal Services Commission of South Australia
    Ms R. Graycar
  • Teacher training in legal studies in Victoria
    Mr M. Sherry
  • Resolutions
  • List of participants