Policing and private security


Papers address the relationship between police and the private security community, control and regulation of the private security industry, and the relationship of private security to the law and property.

Canberra, 18-20 May 1982


  • Foreword
    A.S. Rees

Papers of the seminar

  • The coming of age of private security
    W. Clifford
  • The private security industry
    J.F. Ashby
  • The problems of research into private security in Australia
    A.S. Rees
  • Private security and its implications: a North American perspective
    Clifford D. Shearing and Philip C. Stenning
  • Crime, policing and deterrence
    Stephen Brody
  • Private police - the views of a state police officer
    Superintendent A. Tickell
  • The growth and control of private security in Australia
    R.W. Page
  • Policing and private security: a federal policeman's perspective
    L.J. Claydon
  • Public session
  • Discussion groups
  • Final statement
    Mr W. Clifford
  • Participants