National Conference on Arson


Arson is a real and present threat and burden to the community as a whole. This symposium addresses various aspects of arson within Australia. Papers provide an overview of arson, arson in South Australia and New South Wales, risk management, insurers and arson, investigating arson and the social consequences of arson.

26-29 April 1983


  • Opening address
    His Excellency The Right Honourable Sir Ninian Stephen
  • Terror, confusion and gain: modern significance of arson
    Mr W. Clifford
  • Investigation of vehicle fires
    Detective Inspector A.J. Anderson
  • Arson
    The Honourable Peter Anderson
  • Arson - a national approach
    The Honourable Race Mathews
  • Arson in rural South Australia
    Mr L. Johns
  • Politics of arson
    Mr R. Smith
  • Arson in New South Wales
    Inspector L. Noonan
  • Arson is it really a fire brigade problem
    J.A. Boath
  • Arson in Australia: the dimensions of the problem and resources to cope
    Ms J.S. Evans
  • The social consequences of arson
    Mr M.R. Pallavicini
  • It can't happen to me: arson and risk management
    Ms R. Houghton
  • The burning question - will the insurer pay
    Mr P. Coldbeck
  • The role of an independent investigator in arson inquiries
    Mr J. Thomas
  • And what of 1993?
    Mr R.G. Bennett
  • The past, present and future of science in fire investigation
    Dr P.J. Thatcher
  • Fire data and investigation - getting our act together
    Dr G.C. Ramsay
  • The cost of arson
    R. Martin