The police role in juvenile delinquency


This seminar aims to promote greater understanding of juvenile delinquency and the role of police in dealing with juvenile crime.

Canberra, 9-13 August 1976


  • Introduction
  • Report on the seminar

    A.J. Watt

Papers of the seminar

  • Opening remarks

    The Honourable R.J. Ellicott
  • A new look at police-juvenile relations

    R.A. Wilson
  • Socialisation - the family

    C.R. Bevan
  • Current trends in delinquency research

    D. Biles
  • Trends in juvenile delinquency

    J. Kraus
  • Police intervention in juvenile delinquency in Queensland

    K.J. Hoggett
  • How effective are court imposed measures?

    J. Kraus
  • Juvenile delinquency in the Australian Capital Territory

    W. Nicholl
  • Juvenile aid panels in South Australia

    S.N. Smith

Appendix 1

  • List of participants

Appendix 2

  • Bibliography