The use of computers in the criminal justice system


This seminar brings together delegates from all State and Commonwealth criminal justice system departments. It aims to improve communications between the users and providers of computer services within and between the various State and Commonwealth criminal justice organisations. Delegates exchange information about computer methods, systems and equipment.

Canberra, 6-9 April 1981


  • Foreword
  • Opening address
    Mr W. Clifford, Director, Australian Institute of Criminology

Session I

  • The computer as an operational aid
    Discussion leaders: Mr W. Clifford, Mr K. Smith and Mr F. Richardson

Session II

  • Inputs, outputs and data transfers
    Discussion leaders: Chief Supt. W. Williams, Mr M. Butler and Mr E. Sikk

Session III

  • Policy-level and research computing
    Discussion leaders: Mr C. Foley-Jones, Mr W. Johnston and Mr T. Milne

Session IV

  • Integrated systems - desirable or deplorable?
    Discussion leaders: Mr P. de Jager, Ms J. Worrall and Mr W. Caelli

Session V

  • Follow-up to the seminar
    Discussion leaders: Mr J. Walker, Mr K. Smith and Mr A. Sutton


  • A : List of seminar participants
  • B : Seminar programme
  • C : Computer software questionnaire
  • D : Bibliography of existing computer software
  • E : Bibliography of other sources