Probation - current position and new directions


Participants at the seminar arrived at a consensual statement of a definition and functions of probation and the current objectives with which probation officers are concerned. Additionally, two resolutions were carried unanimously.

Canberra, 8-12 December 1980


  • Summary
    M.A. Kingshott

Papers of the seminar

  • The problems and opportunities of modern probation
    W. Clifford
  • The myth of consent in probation
    I. Potas
  • Innovations in probation
    D. Murray
  • Problems with probation as an alternative to imprisonment
    D. O'Connor

Background papers

  • Probation in Australia
    C.R. Bevan
  • Probation as an alternative to imprisonment
    Probation and Parole Officers' Association of New South Wales
  • Probation and parole in South Australia
    R.M. Durant
  • Probation in Northern Territory
    D.K. Owston
  • Participants list