Women as the victims of crime


This seminar was conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology in collaboration with the Secretariat of International Women's Year. It incorporates papers on victims of rape, domestic violence and other crimes in our society. It covers a variety of topics and subject areas, but the major issue that was raised in varying degrees was the role of women in society and the means by which society makes women vulnerable to criminal acts. There was a strong sense of urgency that action was required at a variety of levels if the situation of women as victims of crime in society was to be significantly altered. The participants propose twenty-seven resolutions.

Summary report of the seminar is attached.


Proceedings of a seminar held 16-19 April 1975


  • Introduction
  • Women as victims of crime
  • Woman in society
  • The Swedish situation
  • Rape
  • Domestic violence
  • Concluding comments
  • Appendix I
    • Resolutions
  • Appendix II
    • List of participants
  • Appendix III
    • Seminar programme