The volunteer in the criminal justice system


This seminar explores the interactions between professionals and volunteers in the criminal justice system.

Summary report of the seminar is attached.


Proceedings of a seminar held 3-7 October 1975


  • The dyad relationship
    Mr H.G. Weir
  • Work orders: the professional v. the volunteer
    Mr W. Bale
  • The problem of finding employment for discharged persons - with special reference to voluntary agencies
    Mr F.D. Hayes
  • Departmental support to volunteers
    Mr John Noble
  • Pre-sentence reports
  • Some new fields for volunteer effort in the Australian criminal justice system
    Mr John Wass
  • Open forum
  • Panel discussion
  • Report on workshop discussions
  • Recommendations
  • Appendix I
    • List of participants
  • Appendix II
    • Seminar programme