Alternatives to imprisonment


This seminar highlights the concern by participants that alternatives to imprisonment be available on as broad a basis as possible in every Australian jurisdiction. Organisations should involve themselves in educating the general public and the media as to the availability or lack of such alternatives, and the rationale for their use as alternatives to imprisoning offenders.

Summary report of the seminar is attached.


Proceedings of a seminar held 29-31 March 1978


  • Introduction
  • Opening address
    Mr W. Clifford
  • Setting the scene
    Mr C.R. Bevan
  • The concern for alternatives
    The Honourable Mr Justice Forster
  • Australian prison trends in the use of imprisonment
    Mr D. Biles
  • Attendance centres and Victorian alternatives
    Mr D. Room
  • Alternatives to imprisonment: some new dimensions in Western Australia
    Mr P.G. Eichfuss
  • Aspects of diversion - comments on the avoidance of imprisonment
    Dr J.A. Seymour
  • Alternatives to imprisonment for relatively serious crimes: day parole and split sentences
    Mr F. Rinaldi
  • Closing session
  • Conclusion
  • List of participants
  • Appendix
    • Australian prison populations 1945 to 1976: a draft answer to a Parliamentary question
      Prepared by David Biles and Marjorie Johnson