The psychologist in criminal justice - an Australian perspective


The papers provide psychologists working in the Australian criminal justice system the opportunity to discuss professional roles, future developments and consumer expectations. It also discusses the formulation of guidelines for the development and practice of psychological services in the criminal justice system. Finally, it addresses the formulation of minimum standards for the psychological treatment of adult convicted offenders.

Summary report of the seminar is attached.


Proceedings of a seminar held 12-16 July 1976


  • Introduction
  • Format
  • Participants
  • Speakers and papers
  • Summary of the proceedings of the workshop
  • The assessment, evaluation and treatment of individuals for social control agencies
  • Psychologist's involvement in policy making in the criminal justice system
  • Psychological research in criminal justice systems
  • Educating others about psychological practices in the criminal justice system
  • Appendix I
    • List of participants
  • Appendix II
    • Suggested reading list
  • Appendix III
    • An outline of prison officers union involvement with prison psychologists

      I. Knight
  • Appendix IV
    • A personal view

      A. Duddy
  • Appendix V
    • Notes on psychological research

      P. Dunlop
  • References