Juvenile residential care


This seminar drew together a total of eighteen participants involved in either the making, or practical implementation, of policies concerning institutional care of juvenile offenders, or in providing probation and other non-residential services to young people brought before the courts. During the three-day meeting, discussion encompassed a broad range of issues fundamental to the problems faced by administrators and supervisors involved in child welfare throughout the country. Discussion themes included the role of institutions in the current climate of 'deinstitutionalisation' of services, the factors involved in staff selection and training, and the evaluation of residential institutions and programmes.

Summary report of the seminar is attached.


Proceedings of a seminar held 19-21 March 1979


  • Introduction
  • Opening address
    Mr W. Clifford
  • Programme objectives
    Maureen Kingshott
  • Planning for, and philosophy of, juvenile residential care
    Mr Vernon Dalton
  • Film session
    Mr Roger Pryke
  • The role and responsibilities of institutions in child care
    Mr Robert Leahy
  • Staffing the institutions
    Mr Bruce Anderson
  • Evaluation of residential institutions and programmes
    Mr Roger Pryke, Ms Shirley Castley and Mr Ben Marris
  • Suggestions for future meetings
  • Participants list