Police training in Australia


Training police officers is important to prepare them for their duties. These papers address training schemes and developments for police. Topics comprise training for hostage and siege situations, technological advances in training, the 'need to know' syndrome, external education in-service training, training for domestic crisis intervention, training of Aboriginal police aides, selection board procedure and minimum standards, specialised training for instructors, status of adult recruits, interchange of training aids, and viability of cadet training systems.

Summary report of the seminar is attached.


Proceedings of a seminar held 5-7 April 1978


  • Introduction
  • Opening
  • Agenda discussions
    • Police/community relations
  • Agenda items
    • Technological advances in training
    • Training for hostage or siege situations
    • The 'need to know' syndrome
    • Domestic crisis intervention training
    • Training Aboriginal police aides
    • Specialised training for instructors
    • Selection boards and minimum standards for recruitment
    • Status of adult recruits
    • Other agenda items submitted
  • Addresses to the workshop (abstracts and discussion notes)
    • The National Police Training Survey

      Mr Mark Filan
    • Police multi-cultural education

      Mr Frank Galbally
    • Tertiary education and the policeman: prospects for the future

      Professor Duncan Chappell
  • Conclusion
  • Workshop participants
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B