Australian crime prevention and treatment: research resources and needs - an exercise in co-ordination (volume 1)


Volumes one and two present papers and speeches made at the conference. The conference publicises the Australian Institute of Criminology's role and proposed programmes of research and training. Papers and speeches outline research on crime prevention and treatment within Australian states and territories. It presents methodology in crime research, including statistics and computer facilities. It also discusses methods of information dissemination.

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Proceedings of the First Residential Conference of the Australian Institute of Criminology, held in Canberra, 16 October - 19 October 1973


  • Functions of the Institute
  • Aims of the conference
  • Opening remarks

    Mr Peter Loof
  • Opening statement

    His Honour Judge J.H. Muirhead
  • Opening ceremony

    Senator the Hon. Lionel Murphy
  • Congratulatory address

    Minoru Shikita
  • Official luncheon

    Mr Ian Wilson
  • Opening statement - Research and training in criminology institutes

    Mr Harold G. Weir
  • Research resources and programmes in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory

    The Northern Territory delegation
  • Research resources and programmes in New South Wales

    Superintendent E.E. Canacott and Mr D.H. Lightfoot
  • New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

    Dr T. Vinson
  • Research resources and programmes in Victoria

    Mr J. Martin
  • Research resources and programmes in Western Australia

    Rev. Father B. Hickey and Mr P. Prisgrove
  • The Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics - crime statistics

    Mr L.G. Hopkins
  • Research resources and programmes in South Australia

    Superintendent R. Killmier
  • Research resources and programmes in Queensland

    Dr M.A. Colston and Mr K.D. Morris
  • Research resources and programmes in Tasmania

    Dr E. Cunningham-Dax
  • Organised crime in a democratic society

    Inspector R. Dixon
  • Police statistics

    Inspector J.L. Connolly
  • Summary of proceedings

    Miss M. Daunton-Fear