Keeping people out of prison


These conference proceedings detail the many innovative and successful community based programs designed as alternatives to imprisonment. The papers cover such topics as including community service orders, home detention, fine options, juvenile offender diversionary programs, youth training centres, probation, parole, bail, and Aboriginal diversionary programs.

Proceedings of a conference held 27-29 March 1990


  • Opening address: Politics and prisons
    Peter Patmore
  • Declining Northern Territory prison population - how this was brought about by effective community based programs
    Doug Owston
  • Maximising diversion within the corrections continuum
    Denbigh Richards
  • Evaluating imprisonment and parole: survival rates or failure rates?
    Rod Broadhurst
  • Keeping people out of prison - which jurisdictions do it best?
    John Walker
  • Non-custodial sanctions, prison costs and prison overcrowding
    Don Weatherburn
  • Increased utilisation of community based corrections in Queensland
    Ross Evans
  • The offender's point of view
    Ken Cook
  • Changes in community corrections - implications for staff and programs
    Deborah King
  • Keeping alternatives as alternatives
    Garth Luke
  • The changing role of probation in South Australia
    Jonathan Tulett
  • Juvenile offender diversionary programs in the Northern Territory
    Kenneth Newman
  • Community based programs for young people
    Shane Murphy and Sandra Lawrie
  • Youth training centres in Victoria
    Vaughan Duggan
  • Prisons, parents & problems
    Carmel Benjamin
  • Drink driving courses as an alternative to prison
    David Allen
  • Attendance centres
    Rosemary Caruana and David Allanson
  • Independent perspectives on NSW community corrections
    Nigel Stoneman
  • Bail assessment program
    Martin Bailey
  • Sentencing - another option: the Community Aid Panel
    Paul Dixon
  • Christian Justice Association Aboriginal driver training program
    Christabel Bridge
  • Some implications of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody for community based corrections
    Ross Lay
  • A profile of Aboriginal and Islander prisoners in North Queensland
    Robyn Keast
  • Keeping Aborigines out of prison: an overview
    Lyall Munro and Garry Jauncey
  • Mentally disabled prisoners - planning resources
    Susan Hayes
  • The Halfway House - a program for currently serving prisoners
    Clive Begg
  • Fine options - some problems
    Alan Fletcher
  • Aftercare in the nineties
    Ray Kidney
  • Employment - the key to keeping people out of prison
    Peter Henson