Bail or remand?


The conference encompasses a range of issues relating to bail under the following section headings: bail and remand in custody, a South Australian overview; bail legislation; the media and bail; the police and bail; bail setting; perspectives on bail in Queensland; research on bail and remand; and avoiding remand in custody.

Proceedings of a conference held 29 November-1 December 1988


Bail and remand in custody: a South Australian overview

  • A view from the magistracy
    Nick Manos
  • Remanded in custody
    Frank Morgan
  • Research, policy and bail
    Adam Sutton
  • Practical problems with bail and remand
    John Murray
  • Bail or remand - the civil libertarian perspective
    Russell Jamison
  • The victim's second injury - bail instead of remand
    Kate Hannaford

Bail legislation

  • Bail in Australia
    Frank Devine
  • Bail legislation: objectives and achievements
    Jeffrey Miles
  • Distinguishing meaningful signals from background noise
    Rick Sarre

The police and bail

  • To bail or not to bail - a police perspective
    Euan Walker
  • The police (prosecuters') perspectives on bail
    Frank McAvaney
  • A police perspective on bail in South Australia
    Jonathan Tuncks

Bail setting

  • The contribution of correctional services to the bail process
    John Richards
  • Assisting the court: bail assessment developments
    Brenda Smith
  • Bail - post-committal and post-conviction
    Arthur Rogerson

Perspectives on bail and remand

  • Drugs and bail - the Queensland experience
    Ian Dearden
  • Bail for serious offenders
    Garth Thompson
  • Bail research in South Australia
    Julie Gardner

Avoiding remand in custody

  • Pre-sentence reports: their impact on the South Australian remand rate
    Jonathan Tulett
  • Intensive supervision and electronic surveillance as alternatives to remand in custody
    Ross Lay
  • List of participants