Operational performance reviews: the impact on crime in Queensland

Criminology Research Council grant ; (22/03-04)

This project evaluates the impact of Queensland Police Service's version of COMPSTAT known as Operational Performance Reviews (OPRs). The study examines the impact of OPRs on reported crime in Queensland and assesses whether or not the OPRs have led to any crime reductions across the 29 police districts in Queensland. The introduction of OPRs was found to be associated with a significant decrease in the total number of reported offences in Queensland. The mixed model analysis of the impact of OPRs on total reported crime suggests that there are major differences between districts, that some of the districts are driving the overall state-wide crime reductions, while others are confounding the positive effects of implementation of OPRs in Queensland. The overall cost-effectiveness of OPRs suggests that the introduction of OPRs appears to have been cost-effective, resulting in an overall saving of $1,162,175.