Research grants

The AIC has determined that projects funded by the Criminology Research Grants program are procurements. The funding of projects must therefore comply with the provisions of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. This means the AIC will publish its criminology research requirements on AusTender via an approach to market. Interested parties can register to receive alerts when the AIC advertises on AusTender. The projects will be advertised as Criminology Research Grants.

The AIC encourages applications from organisations or collaborative teams with a demonstrated capacity to deliver high quality criminological research outcomes.

Applications will be assessed against the criteria prescribed in the approach to market advertised on AusTender. The following criteria may be considered when evaluating responses:

  • public policy relevance
  • the extent to which the proposed research will have practical application and contribute to the understanding, prevention or correction of criminal behaviour or otherwise support the objectives of Australian criminal justice systems
  • the likelihood of the proposed research making a substantial and original contribution to criminological knowledge
  • the cost effectiveness of the research
  • the soundness of the design and methodology, and the feasibility of the research
  • the competence and availability of the applicants(s) or principal investigators(s) to undertake the proposed research
  • ethics committee approval, where appropriate
  • availability of data, where required
  • the extent of funding or in-kind support obtained from relevant agencies.

Please direct enquiries to the CRG Administrator on 02 6268 7450, 0406 109 885 or email .