A comparison of the early childhood experiences of convicted child molesters and male survivors of sexual abuse who are not offenders

Criminology Research Council grant ; (30/92-3)

Eighty four incarcerated child molesters and ninety five non offender comparison subjects were interviewed to examine and compare their childhood and family experiences, including childhood sexual experiences and adult relationships. The convicted child molesters were inmates in South Australian, New South Wales and Western Australian Correctional Centres.

Victims of abuse confirmed that current child protection programs are inappropriate for the protection of boys because they rely on children relating sexual abuse to 'unsafe feelings' or 'uncomfortable touching' and do not address the commonly used seduction methods which involve stimulating boys' sexual curiosity with sex talk and pornography. Offenders in some States of Australia have simply been incarcerated without any attempt to provide re-education or therapy. Ignorance about ways to become effective parents has also resulted in people simply reproducing aspects of their own upbringing including problematic practices.