New Criminology Research Grants awarded by the Australian Institute of Criminology

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) has announced important new funding that will support Australian academics to undertake cutting edge crime and justice research.

AIC Acting Director Matt Rippon said he was pleased to approve funding for seven new projects under the Criminology Research Grants (CRG) program, which have been selected by the Criminology Research Advisory Council.

“These new projects address a number of contemporary crime and justice issues, including domestic and family violence, child sexual abuse, youth offending, police cautioning and use of bail. This research will assist with future policy developments on these important issues,” Mr Rippon said.

The principal objectives of the CRG program are to support criminological research that is relevant to public policy and to promote the value and use of such research.

Further details of the projects include:



Project Title

University of New South Wales

Dr Phillipa Evans
Christopher Trotter


Single session collaborative family work: Improving family functioning and outcomes for at-risk young people

University of New South Wales

Dr Emma Buxton-Namisnyk
Ms Anna Butler


Examining service system responses to domestic and family violence: A study of 12 years of domestic violence homicide review cases in New South Wales


Swinburne University of Technology

Dr Benjamin L. Spivak
Professor Stephane M. Shepherd
Dr Nina Papalia
Dr Molly McCarthy
Dr Michael D. Trood
D. Mohammed M. Ali


The impact of practice changes to police cautioning on access to police diversion in youth



University of

Dr Faye Nitschke
Dr Gianni Ribeiro
Professor Blake McKimmie


Understanding the efficacy of contextual relationship evidence and educational judicial instructions to debias jury decisions in sexual assault trials
Griffith University

Dr Emily Denne 
Professor Martine Powell


A cross-sector approach to understanding the underreporting of grooming behaviours among youth serving individuals


Charles Darwin University

Dr Steven Roche
Professor Gary Robinson


Identifying policy solutions to reduce the ‘crossover’ of children between child protection and youth justice systems in the Northern Territory: A policy Delphi study


Charles Sturt

Dr Emma Colvin
Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron
Dr Michael Guerzoni
Ms Jennifer Hartley

Challenges seeking bail for Indigenous clients: Perspectives from the legal community and related support organisations



The CRG program is administered by the AIC and is supported by the Commonwealth and all state and territory governments. It aims to support research relevant to current and future public policy issues, to foster quality criminological research and to ensure that funded research is disseminated effectively.

All selected projects remain subject to execution of a contract.

More information is available on the CRG website.

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